Thursday, 16 November 2017

Color labs

Lab activity on light
Inline image 1
-Red filter
-Green filter
-Blue filter
-Yellow filter
-Purple filter

Activity a
1. r+g, r+b, b+g
2. work with another group—put a color paddle over flashlight, shine on white paper—so a red, a green, and a blue
Activity b
3. view white paper through color paddles—record results
4. view colored objects through color paddles

Color by Addition

So, in addition, it has 2 flashlights.
R+G= White, R+B= White, B+G= White
It will form a white color on the paper sheet, unlike the subtraction one which will form a new color.
First, choose two color cards and shine through it separately (don't put them together) 

color by subtraction

 First, take two color cards and stick it together then get the flashlight and shine through it and take a look at the color.
It forms a new color due to the two-color that's overlapping with each other.

By adding red and green together the result is Cyan!

By adding blue and red together the result is Magenta!

By adding blue and green together the result is Green!

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